About ChainPoint: software for sustainable supply chains

ChainPoint offers software for sustainable supply chains. At ChainPoint we believe that collaboration and sharing of information is crucial for the efficient production of high quality, safe and sustainably produced products. ChainPoint is a secure, cloud-based software platform to manage and share product, process and supplier information, from raw material to finished product. With our software and services we help companies improve quality and sustainability whilst reducing cost and risk.

Information sharing and collaboration throughout the supply chain have become key success factors in today’s global economy. Producers and brand owners are increasingly building sustainable relationships with their suppliers in order to retain scarce resources as the supply of raw materials becomes an ever more serious issue due to growing global demand. As consumers become more conscious of the origin and background of the products they buy, suppliers have to be more responsible and transparent towards their customers. Isolated IT systems simply can’t provide the full background and history of products needed, especially in larger and more complex chains.

Global commodity supply chains

ChainPoint is used in some of the most complex supply chains spanning tens of thousands of suppliers and subcontractors. Organizations including Univeg, RTRS (Round Table on Responsible Soy), GMP+ and the Better Cotton Initiative rely on ChainPoint for better insight into and control over their supply chains and products.

The map on the right illustrates the different types of commodities that are managed, around the world, using ChainPoint technology.

ChainPoint builds and implements innovative software solutions for more effective production and supply chains for the benefit of all chain partners and consumers. Collaboration is not only something we just facilitate. It is in our DNA, to collaborate with our customers as responsible, result driven partners with respect for human values and our planet.

ChainPoint helps monitor and manage supply chains by connecting systems and sharing information, delivering traceability, audit management, trading, monitoring and impact analysis along the entire production chain. ChainPoint is a secure, cloud based standard software platform. It is highly flexible and can be quickly and easily implemented whilst fully tailored to your specific situation. The open standards-based web service interfaces ensure seamless integration with the IT systems of all of your trading partners.

Creating sustainable and efficient supply chains is what we believe in.