About ChainPoint.

Software for sustainable supply chains

ChainPoint offers software for sustainable supply chains. At ChainPoint we believe that collaboration and sharing of information is crucial for the efficient production of high quality, safe and sustainably produced products. ChainPoint is a secure, cloud-based software platform to manage and share product, process and supplier information, from raw material to finished product. With our software and services we help companies improve quality and sustainability whilst reducing cost and risk.


Sharing and collaboration

Information sharing and collaboration throughout the supply chain have become key success factors in today’s global economy. Producers and brand owners are increasingly building sustainable relationships with their suppliers in order to retain scarce resources.

As consumers become more conscious of the origin and background of the products they buy, suppliers have to be more responsible and transparent towards their customers.

Isolated IT systems simply can’t provide the full background and history of products. ChainPoint makes it possible to monitor and secure the entire supply chain.

Global commodity supply chains

ChainPoint is used in some of the most complex supply chains spanning tens of thousands of suppliers and subcontractors. With ChainPoint’s flexibility and scalability it is possible to use our software in any industry, any commodity and any supply chain.

This map illustrates the different types of commodities that are managed, around the world, using ChainPoint technology.

Nuwara Eliya is the heart of the tea industry. The climate, geography and geology of the Sri Lankan Highlands is ideal for tea cultivation but it is very labour intensive. In this Image; Tamil, Sri Lankan, female workers picking tea bush tips to make ceylon tea. When the workers bags are full with fresh picked tea bush tips they are sent to the wholesaler. The tea pickers can get an hour lunch break and a half hour tea break in the day which starts at 7.30am, an hour after dawn. It is very hard work. Some of the tea plantations are just under 7,000 feet high. White sticks  used as a measurement and determines the level of plant  to be collected.

Our vision

At ChainPoint we believe that supply chains can be much more efficient, for the benefit of all chain partners, consumers, and our planet. No party is capable of making a high quality and sustainable product on its own.

Our mission

Improved collaboration between companies, both horizontally and vertically in the chain, can deliver enormous benefits. Quality and sustainability can be increased, while risks and costs can be reduced. Therefore supply chain collaboration is at the heart of everything we do.

Our core values

Collaboration and partnerships are our core values. It is in our DNA to feel and act as responsible partners, with respect for human values, our planet and different views and cultures.We are fully aware that the world is changing and that we can always do better. That’s why we continuously improve ourselves.

Our focus

We help companies to monitor supply chains by connecting systems and share information. ChainPoint delivers traceability, trading, alerts, auditing, monitoring and business intelligence along the supply chain. ChainPoint experts have extensive experience in sourcing processes, sustainability and quality requirements, standards and legislation.

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