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ChainPoint is a software platform for monitoring and securing supply chains. Our customers use our software to manage and share product, process and supplier information, from raw material to finished product. With our software and services we help companies improve quality and sustainability whilst reducing cost and risk.  

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Our functional areas

Supply chain mapping
Audit management
Supplier assessment

Easy. Flexible. Scalable.

ChainPoint is a highly configurable software platform, that is easy to adapt to our customers' requirements. With our functional areas and excellent integrations with mobile apps and external systems, companies in every industry will benefit from our software.

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For any industry

Our sustainability solutions offer companies the possibilities to create sustainable supply chain in any industry: textile & apparel, food, minerals, agriculture and many more.

ChainPoint’s software platform is capable of handling any commodity or any supply chain. Our software is extremely flexible and can adapt to fit any industry or sector.  Read more


Industry solutions

Textile & apparel
Cocoa and chocolate
Fruit & vegetables
Food & beverage
Animal feed
Sustainability standards

In the spotlight

Sustainable timber

Illegal logging has a detrimental effect on our forests and the people who live in them. Therefore, producers and importers of timber and timber products are key to reduce illegal logging and deforestation. In the last few years, governments are combating illegal logging and deforestation by introducing laws such as the EUTR and enforcing them by issuing large fines to companies who don't comply.

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Textile and apparel

In order to create a sustainable textile & apparel industry, a number of challenges need to be addressed in different areas of the supply chain. Consumers are, for example, much more aware of the sustainability of the products they buy and want to know the story behind their purchases and their footprint. Sustainable sourcing and availability of raw materials is becoming more and more of an issue.

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For whom we work

Our customers

ChainPoint is used by more than 40.000 users wordwide and facilitates some of the most complex supply chains spanning tens of thousands of farmers, suppliers and subcontractors. Our customers are from various industries: from food & beverage to minerals, from pharmaceuticals to cotton. They have one thing in common: they want to have insight in their supply chain.

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Experiences with ChainPoint

"ChainPoint has enabled us to streamline and automate multiple work processes and work more effectively with remote field teams. It also enables us to easily share data with programme members and stakeholders."

Emily Turner, Supply Chain Data Manager, ITSCi

"Through the data analytics that ChainPoint has developed, GoodWeave is better able to inform organizational strategy and communicate impact."

Anoop Agarwal, Senior Program Manager, Goodweave

“A state-of-the-art software platform that creates visibility and traceability is vital to manage the many supply chains we are active in.”

Kiku Loomis, The Rainforest Alliance

‘’Chainpoint’s experience of software development, providing visibility and traceability of multiple supply chains, allowed NEXT to successfully create our platform within a short timeframe to ensure continued delivery of our Timber Policy.’’

Head of Product Legislation, NEXT

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