ChainPoint. The software platform for sustainable supply chains

At ChainPoint, we believe that collaboration and sharing information are crucial for the efficient production of high quality, safe and sustainably produced products. ChainPoint is a secure, online software platform to manage and share product, process and supplier information, from raw material to finished product. With our software and services, we help companies improve quality and sustainability whilst reducing cost and risk.

A flexible and scalable platform based on proven technology

A diverse customer track record

Expertise in supply chain collaboration & monitoring

Continuous improvement, we focus on partnerships

A variable licence cost model

Extended data mining and analytics capabilities

Clients & References

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Connecting Supply Chains

ChainPoint connects all the points in your chain together, keeping you in control of your brand. It provides you with detailed, up to the minute insights into your supply chain. Read more >>

Audit Management

Data collection in the field using apps

ChainPoint Auditing & Certification makes it easy to establish new standards, or use existing ones, and apply them at all necessary points along your supply chain, whilst making sure they’re being enforced. Read more >>

Supplier Assessment

Sustainable agriculture - ChainPoint

Using ChainPoint to continually gather sourcing, processing and compliance data across the chain, you can monitor a whole range process and product related factors on supplier level such as vaccine usage, pesticide levels, child labour, deforestation, delivery quality, CO2 emissions and many more. Read more >>

Supply Chain Analytics

Sustainability Analytics - ChainPoint

ChainPoint Analytics lets you know exactly where you stand in achieving your KPIs by letting you visualise a rich set of information gathered from across your supply chain. Read more >>


Storytelling sustainability

ChainPoint Storytelling uses smart phone scanning technology to connect consumers to real-time chain information stored in ChainPoint that you can present to strengthen the position and authenticity of your brand. Read more >>







Solutions for any industry

Improving sustainability and reducing costs and risks are key in any industry. To highlight the possibilities of ChainPoint in your supply chain, we have created industry specific web pages with customer case studies and other relevant information.

Use cases

ChainPoint facilitates many sustainable supply chains worldwide and is used in some of the most complex supply chains, spanning tens of thousands of suppliers and subcontractors. Organizations such as Flocert (Fairtrade), Rainforest Alliance, GoodWeave, Better Cotton Initiative, Tony’s Chocolonely and many more rely on ChainPoint for better insight into their supply chains and control over their products. >> Read more use cases

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