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Do you know what your supply chain looks like?

The first step one can take when gaining insight into a supply chain is supply chain mapping. But how do you map your supply chain? A visualization in form of a diagram or a world map is often a simple and effective way in taking this first step. Visualizing relationships between you and your suppliers helps you understand your supply chain and identify risks and hotspots.


Data quality

A supply chain manager knows that modern supply chains are getting more and more complex. The supply chains of today consist of hundreds of suppliers all connected to each other in various ways. A supply chain these days is more like a network or a web. Therefore, mapping your supply chain starts with excellent data quality and ChainPoint’s data management makes sure that your data is of the highest standard.

Supply chain mapping
makes it possible to:

  • Reveal and understand relations between suppliers.
  • Identify potential risks and hotspots
  • Implement corrective measures
  • Show impact
  • Connect audits and assessments to suppliers

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As experts in supply chain mapping, ChainPoint offers a solution for every supply chain there is: from the most straight-forward supply chain to the multi-layered complex web of suppliers spanning multiple tiers and countries. With ChainPoint software you can easily manage the relationships between you and your suppliers in one system. If you want for more information on supply chain mapping or want to request a demo, please fill out the form and we will contact you as soon as possible!