Sustainable timber and timber products

The world's forests are one of the most valuable assets we have. It provides us with oxygen, food, shelter and timber. However, illegal logging has a detrimental effect on our forests and the people who live in them. Therefore, producers and importers of timber and timber products are key to reduce illegal logging and deforestation. 

In the last few years, governments are combating illegal logging and deforestation by introducing laws such as the EUTR and enforcing them by issuing large fines to companies who don't comply.


Technology is part of the solution

ChainPoint believes that software and technology is part of the solution that can help companies with their timber policy. By using our software, companies are able to connect all suppliers in their supply chain, giving valuable insights. Our software does not only connect supply chains, but also reduces paperwork, saving time and costs. By ensuring data quality, companies will be able to analyse their efforts and present impact.

What is the EUTR?

EU Timber Regulation

The EU Timber Regulation, or EUTR, was designed to reduce illegal logging by making sure that illegal timber and timber products can't be sold on the EU market. The law, that came into force in 2013, is part of the Forest Law Enforcement, Governance and Trade (FLEGT) Action Plan. 

The law applies to any company that imports timber or timber products on the EU market for the first time. These importers, or operators, are required to exercise due dilligence.

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