Introducing traceability in the tin supply chain

In many politically unstable areas, workers are forced to work in mines to source minerals, such as tin, tungsten, tantalum and gold. These conflict minerals can be used in all kind of products, such as the electronic devices we use every day.

To stop the use of these conflict minerals transparency and traceability in the supply chain is needed. This is where iTSCi comes in.

The iTSCi Programme uses ChainPoint software to track and trace tin from mines, processors and exporters in the Democratic Republic of the Congo, Rwanda, Burundi and Uganda.


Using technology to gain transparency

iTSCi uses ChainPoint software to trace tin in every step of the supply chain. This means that bags of tin can be tagged with a specific code that is unique. When that bag goes to the next stage of the supply chain, it is recorded again until finally it is exported linked to a unique export number. With a very detailed logging system, users at the end of the supply chain can see for each bag of tin where it was mined, processed, traded and smelted. This data can be presented in multiple ways, like maps, charts and graphs.

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  • “ChainPoint has made a positive impact on the ground teams, speeding up the data transfer and collection process, meaning they have more time for other activities in the program.”

  • "ChainPoint has enabled us to streamline and automate multiple work processes and work more effectively with remote field teams. It also enables us to easily share data with program members and stakeholders."

Using customized software in the tin industry

The software that iTSCi uses on day-to-day basis is built on ChainPoint technology and is customized to the specific needs for iTSCi. The following solutions are used:

  • Data collection, using our mobile solution
  • Reporting and analytics
  • Traceability, from mine to exporter
  • Multitenancy, multi language and advanced authorization

About iTSCi

iTSCi (the ITA Tin Supply Chain Initiative) is a joint industry programme of traceability and due diligence. The iTSCi system aims to meet the needs of companies wishing to maintain trade with responsible supply chain actors in the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) and adjoining countries, as well as to meet due diligence expectations of the international community in terms of guidance from the UN, OECD and national laws such as the Dodd Frank Act in the US. iTSCi aims to encourage progressive improvement in the 3Ts mineral sector as well as sustainable production and economic development in the longer term. Please visit  for more information on the iTSCi programme.”.

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