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Consumer confidence in organic agriculture and food is quite strong, but nevertheless has its limits. The food sector has sometimes had a questionable reputation in the past due to various incidents. The organic sector was, until recently, a refuge for consumers looking for a safe alternative. But even the organic sector has seen an increase in fraud cases and emergencies. Due to the fast growth of the organic sector as a whole, as well as the growing pressure to meet supply demands, it is more important than ever to ensure the authenticity of organic food and reduce potential risks in organic produce supply chains.

Companies must identify the risks that can affect the quality of organic ingredients and products, assess them and take appropriate measures to prevent risks. It is for these reasons that Biotrust has been created.

Biotrust Organic is a standardized risk assessment system, created by Bionext, which systematically provides information about the risks in your supply chain and your business. For the first time all the risks that may affect the biological quality of primary and processed commodities are assessed according to the HACCP method.

Biotrust, organic produce risk assessment platform

Bionext, the company behind Biotrust, has selected ChainPoint as its software platform of choice to implement their assessment system. Bionext uses ChainPoint technology to:

  • Save all data in a secure, central platform whilst making sure that access to data is limited to parties who are authorized to do so
  • Enable its members to manage and assess suppliers
  • Offer its members insight into supplier risks
  • Implement a central country-wide risk and product management solution
  • Share anonymized product risk information with all members
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5 Reasons to use risk assessments with organic produce

Besides complying with regulations, other drivers can also be identified that increase the need for risk management in the organic market.

  1. Organic is a strong demand market with shortages in the supply chain. This increases the potential risk for paper fraud in some countries with inadequate supervision.
  2. The impact of fraud is usually very large with high claims that are difficult to insure. The damage to the reputation of the affected company is extensive.
  3. The requirements of organic raw materials and products set by retail, brand manufacturers, and other stakeholders are increasing. The assurance of high quality organic products, by adopting a strong risk management system, strengthens the trust in organic raw materials. This is particularly crucial in the organic sector.
  4. In case of an emergency, companies with a working risk management system have an advantage when it comes to legal accountability. They can demonstrate that they have systematically worked to manage and reduce risks.
  5. By using a system such as Biotrust, as part of an efficient and targeted risk management process, companies get the most out of the limited resources available for risk reduction.
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About Bionext

Together with farmers, traders, retailers and consumers, Bionext is committed to promoting sustainable organic food and farming. It provides information to consumers and businesses, supports the availability of organic products and monitors and improves the quality of the organic products, too. Bionext ensures that the organic sector keeps evolving. And, very importantly, they connect people with the producers of all that delicious and pure food, such as organic farmers and gardeners! More information on Bionext:

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