Groupe Avril: Health synergy in the pork chain

Avril’s objective is to develop an information system which optimises the links between business partners, improving the exchange and use of information relevant to animal health and quality, along with the technical and economic performance of pork produced in the industry. For more information about Groupe Avril, please go

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Groupe Avril achieved the following objectives with the ChainPoint platform:

  • A central information system, available via the Internet.
  • The ability to access user profiles via a personal and secure connection, ensuring the confidentiality of data, including that of veterinarians.
  • Information is acquired automatically without the need to manually input data.
  • Benefits due to the improved exchange and sharing of information, with information relating to the health and quality performance of pork livestock at each link in the chain being able to be used and managed.
  • Parallel traceability of slaughter and downstream activities offers new perspectives, including qualitative prediction of lots to be slaughtered.
Sustainable pork supply chains - ChainPoint