ChainPoint Mission Statement

Mission Statement

Our vision

At ChainPoint we believe that production chains can be much more effective, for the benefit of all chain partners, consumers, and our planet. No party is capable of making a high quality and sustainable product on its own.
Mission Statement

Our mission

Improved collaboration between companies, both horizontally and vertically in the chain, can deliver enormous benefits. Quality and sustainability can be increased, while risks and costs can be reduced. Therefore supply chain collaboration is at the heart of everything we do.
Mission Statement

Our core values

Collaboration and partnerships are not things we only facilitate. They are our core values. It is in our DNA to feel and act as responsible partners, with respect for human values, our planet and different views and cultures.We are fully aware that the world is changing and that we can always do better. That’s why we continuously improve ourselves.
Mission Statement

Our focus

With ChainPoint as a turnkey software platform, we help companies to monitor supply chains by connecting systems and share information. ChainPoint delivers traceability, trading, alerts, auditing, monitoring and business intelligence along the production chain. ChainPoint experts have extensive experience in sourcing processes, sustainability and quality requirements, standards and legislation.

Our challenges

Remaining the best provider of Chain Information Management software solutions

Offering secure and reliable solutions that help our customers achieving their objectives;

Being a great place to work, in compliance with our own objectives and those of the other stakeholders

Obtaining good financial results, so we can further develop ChainPoint to offer a sustainable future for all of us

Develop our talents in an open and challenging environment, where we open up new horizons.