Cocoa & chocolate.

Sustainable cocoa for great chocolate

In order to make great chocolate, you need cocoa. Most of this cocoa is grown in West-Africa and South America and Ivory Coast and Ghana are the biggest producers of this commodity. Unfortunately, there are many problems in the cocoa supply chain. Things like child labour, modern slavery and poverty are still huge challenges for companies that use cocoa in their products. The modern consumer of chocolate demands chocolate that is produced under fair and sustainable conditions. Need more info? Contact us now!

sustainable cocoa and chocolate

Technology is part of the solution

ChainPoint believes that software and technology is part of the solution to give companies insight in so they can ensure that the cocoa a company sources is produced safe, fairly and of excellent quality. With our flexible and scalable software we provide the perfect solution for this problem. In our sustainable cocoa solution video we show, together with our customer Tony’s Chocolonely, how they use the Beantracker, their software platform build by ChainPoint.

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Use cases

Tony's Chocolonely

Tony’s Chocolonely’s platform is called the BeanTracker. It was built with ChainPoint technology which realises data collection from the farmer coop to production.

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Rainforest Alliance

The Rainforest Alliance uses ChainPoint technology to collect data in many supply chains including cocoa, coffee and bananas.

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