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Sustainable animal feed industry

Animal proteins are an essential component when it comes to feeding the world’s growing population. The production of meats (poultry/swine/beef), as well as dairy and fish all rely heavily on a sufficient supply of feed in order to produce enough animal proteins.


The future of food

It is estimated that by 2050 the global food production will need to increase with 60%, with the necessary feed required to produce this needing to increase even more. This will put even more strain on the environment than today. So creating a sustainable feed supply chain is therefore of the utmost importance in order to secure future generations with enough food.

Key challenges in the feed industry

  • Securing food safety by sourcing high-quality raw materials
  • Registration of quality and other KPIs along supply chains
  • Analysing the quality of feed ingredients
  • Traceability and record keeping of feed and feed ingredients
  • Better transparency in case of emergencies
  • Compliance with required standards for production, storage and transport of feed/ingredients
  • Processing of all inspection, sampling and analysis data
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Use cases

The challenges in the feed-industry are not unique. Just as with any other supply chain, it all comes down to registration and harvesting of data in the feed supply chain, no matter how complex or how long the supply chain is. Key data and information is present in many parts of the supply chain. Each stakeholder in the supply chain will need to be connected to one central system, with easy ways to share information and data. This combined data, together with advanced reporting and analysis, will ensure safe and efficient production of feed and feed-ingredients.

RTRS: checking sustainability throughout the chain

The RTRS Trading Platform facilitates producers and buyers of RTRS Certified Material. This technological platform allows RTRS Credits to be traded and RTRS Physical Material sales to be registered.

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