TFT: responsible products for a better Earth

TFT is a non-profit organisation that helps companies to deliver sustainable products, made for instance of tropical hardwood. TFT teams advise companies on site, at plantations, in forests and in factories, and carry out sustainability audits. TFT uses this information to help retailers create an environmentally responsible product range. ChainPoint® facilitates these processes. For more information about TFT, please go to:

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  • “By changing the story of our products, we change the story of our planet.”

    Scott Poynton
    The Forest Trust

TFT achieves the following objectives, with TFT SURE, facilitated by ChainPoint:

  • Record details of all companies concerned and their interrelationships.
  • Manage inspection reports of factories, plantations, forests, etc.
  • Manage quotation requests and purchase orders, giving the purchaser a picture of how sustainable the goods being offered and sold really are.
  • Record deliveries of raw materials from producers to make sure that TFT can assess them.
  • Operate a publicly accessible website where consumers can find more information about a product, such as its origin and sustainability, after e.g. scanning a QR code.
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