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GoodWeave aims to redefine the term “transparency” with the Supply Unchained initiative. In collaboration with USAID and co-funded by the Skoll Foundation, the ChainPoint platform will offer real-time supply chain maps and data down to the most remote production sites.
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Flocert, securing Fairtrade Cotton Sourcing

FLOCERT is a global certification and verification body with a mission of “fair global trade everyone can believe in”. As the single certifier for Fairtrade, FLOCERT supports all facets of Fairtrade, including the Fairtrade Sourcing Programs. These programs were designed to provide farmers new opportunities to sell more cocoa, sugar or cotton on Fairtrade terms.
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Endorsing a claim for Better Cotton

The Better Cotton Initiative (BCI), founded in 2009 and initiated by some visionary organisations, including adidas, H&M, IKEA, Oxfam and WWF, aims to improve the livelihood and economic development in cotton producing areas, reduce the environmental impact of cotton production and secure the future of the sector.
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