GMP+ International: how a scheme can improve safety in the animal feed sector

GMP+ International manages the GMP+ Feed Safety Assurance scheme. This scheme is used worldwide to guarantee animal feed safety throughout the chain. GMP+ International has over 11,000 participants throughout the world.

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What is the solution and what are the advantages?

GMP+ International uses the chain information management platform ChainPoint® for exchanging data and information. ChainPoint® gives certifying authorities, GMP+ participants and other relevant parties access to a single centralised environment where information about certification and auditing of GMP+ participants is exchanged. The information, authorisation and the functions of the information system are configured according to the role of the user.

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Some of the benefits for GMP+ International include:

  • GMP+ International uses ChainPoint® for assessing all relations such as GMP+ accredited companies, accepted GMP+ certified companies and GMP+ partners.
  • Relations always have the most up-to-date data, information and documents.
  • Relations only have access to the information that they are entitled to, given their role.
  • GMP+ International uses ChainPoint® for assessing the performance of certifying authorities.

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