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Connecting small-scale farmers and improving livelihood
The demand for traceable and sustainable food supply chains is growing. ChainPoint facilitates more than 100 supply chains in multiple sectors. One of these projects improves the supply chain traceability of cashew, as well as the livelihood of African cashew farmers.

Cashew is mainly produced by smallholder farmers in Africa, India, Vietnam and Brazil. Currently 40% of cashew is produced in Africa. A consortium of leading actors in the cashew sector has developed and launched a Management Information System: Securing Sustainable Supply (3S, pronounced as Triple S), to collectively improve the cashew supply chain.

3S Management Information System

The 3S Management Information System, developed by ChainPoint, is used to capture and measure the impact and progress made on the sustainability goals and indicators in the cashew supply chain. The output of the system will be used by training institutions and local business development organisations, as well as the participating farmer organisations and companies, to monitor, evaluate, adjust and gear the sustainability improvements in the cashew chain. In addition, the output will also be used to facilitate the exchange of best practices and knowledge to encourage the scaling up of collective action.

How does it work?


ChainPoint’s software platform, available both online and offline, has been configured to capture all relevant cashew data, turning that data into strategic information through the advanced analytics capabilities. Actors in the cashew supply chain rely on ChainPoint’s analytics to be sure they remain on top of their transparency and traceability KPIs.

  • The 3S platform, built on ChainPoint technology, is a true game changer to the cashew and nut business in general. It's a key tool for production improvement and traceability!

    Herman uit de Bosch
    FairMatch Support
  • "We are currently looking to systems beyond certification and 3S is the best we have seen so far."

    One of Europe’s largest retailers

ChainPoint delivers the following modules used to improve the sustainability of the cashew supply chain:

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Farm & Crop Management

Central in the 3S system are the goals and indicators related to quality and productivity on crop and farm level as well as farmers’ aggregation level. A higher quality and increased productivity on farms will lead to a higher income for the farmers, and thereby to a better livelihood
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Full chain traceability

Enabling product traceability throughout the entire cashew supply chain on product/batch level from all entry points in the supply chain, both upstream and downstream including the total supply per supplier to its customers.
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Security & confidentiality

The ChainPoint platform transfers and stores all data in a secure and safe manner. As data can be confidential, the system ensures that only those intended to, will have access to the/their information in this multi-stakeholder environment.
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Companies and organizations working with the 3S system, and who are using ERP or other software, are electronically connected in order to exchange data automatically, without human intervention. ChainPoint’s expertise in connecting with multiple systems, using multiple techniques is vital for easy data exchange.
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Business intelligence / Analytics

Advanced (supply chain) analytics allows users to monitor progress on KPI’s, to generate benchmarks, dashboards and reports and sending warnings in case of discrepancies.

Smallholder support

Training smallholder farmers will result in improved yields and higher quality crops, which directly improves the livelihood of smallholders and the future supply of products. Companies and NGOs alike rely on ChainPoint every day to measure the results of training and supporting smallholder farmers. Ideally, data about the yield and quality of commodities flowing through the supply chain should be matched against training initiatives on the ground to find out what’s most effective. By recording not just quality data, but also traceability data, brands can engage with consumers in convincing new ways. Using mobile technology, the supply chain journey of a product, including all its ingredients, can be communicated to your customers and stakeholders, enforcing the authenticity of your brand.

Members in the 3S project are:

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Webinar: Using training and ICT-solutions to improve smallholder livelihood and sustainable production

Recently FairMatch Support and ChainPoint organised a webinar on “Using training and ICT-solutions to improve smallholder livelihood and sustainable production”. You can view the recording by filling out the form on the right.

Attendees learned from Herman uit de Bosch, from FairMatch Support, how to engage with smallholder farmers and how to employ best on-the-ground practices. Geoff Taylor, from ChainPoint, presented a live software demo which showed how the results of training and improvement programmes can be measured and analysed using ChainPoint technology.

Smallholder webinar ChainPoint - ChainPoint