Supply Chain Traceability for commodities and products

As a producer or certifying body you care deeply concerned about your brand. It upholds your values and the trust your customers place in you. It’s the reason customers loyally come back to you time and time again. Ensuring your brand continually remains in a positive light means protecting its quality and image. And that means knowing exactly what’s going on throughout your supply chain. Simply knowing what happens one-up, one-down in your chain is no longer enough.

Supply Chain Traceability connects all the points in your chain together, keeping you in control of your brand. It provides you with detailed, up to the minute insights into your supply chain. It lets you know in an instant which companies, products and processes your whole supply chain comprises, how they relate to each other and, more importantly, how they are performing.

Our intelligent Supply Chain Traceability software keeps brand owners and retailers completely up to date with all volumes passing through the supply chain, allowing products to be tracked back to source at any time and related batches and shipments to be easily identified. Advanced authorisation capabilities in ChainPoint prevent misuse of transparency and create trust with supply chain actors.

Benefits of Supply Chain Traceability

  • Improve the integrity of your supply chain
  • Track products from source to consumer
  • Trace products back to their origin
  • Reduce the risk of mislabeling
  • Perform more effective audits by having full information at hand
  • Perform rapid traceability analysis in crisis situations such as recalls

Chain of Custody models used for Supply Chain Traceability

ChainPoint supports a range of industry standard Chain of Custody models. Our software supports sustainable supply chains whatever their stage of development and grows with you as your supply chains evolve.

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