Supplier Assessment

ChainPoint opens up a whole world of real-time supply chain analysis, keeping you more than ever in control as you reduce risk and lower cost.  With our supplier assessment solution you can monitor and evaluate your supply chain 24/7.

Continuous monitoring of your supply chain

Periodic auditing helps ensure that product quality and sustainability standards are met. If your supply chain is subject to sudden unforeseen changes, auditing might fall short. Continuous monitoring and evaluating of your supply chain makes sure you have a rapid response to any changes in your supply chain. In a typical supply chain there are many points where valuable data can be monitored. To do this, you need a sophisticated software solution that can handle this task.

The value of ChainPoint

A monitoring and evaluation system should provide you with useful information about your chosen KPI’s. This helps you understand your  supply chain performance. Many established producers, retailers and certifying bodies rely on ChainPoint to continually gather sourcing, processing and compliance data across the chain. This way they can monitor things like, pesticide levels, deforestation, vaccine usage, delivery quality, CO2 emissions and more. In fact, the possibilities are endless.

Key benefits of advanced supplier assessment

  • 24/7 real-time monitoring of your supply chain
  • Automatic alerts for when action is required
  • Optimization of product and process quality
  • Insights based on your own sustainability performance indicators
  • Evaluation of sourcing strategies

User friendly, easy to implement

ChainPoint provides a user friendly platform for on-the-ground monitors, lab technicians and inspectors to provide real-time details about their findings. It also connects directly with IT systems already in place along the supply chain, bringing data safely to a secure central repository where it can be analysed. If audits and certificates need to be integrated in the assessment process, ChainPoint’s Monitoring & Evaluation platform can easily be combined with Audit Management.

Managers benefit from intuitive dashboards that provide up to date information about the state of their supply chain across multiple points, whilst ChainPoint Alerts, our sophisticated 24/7 data monitoring platform, continually evaluates your supply chain and warns you when events take place that you should act upon.

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