ChainPoint’s Traceability, Auditing, Assessment and Business Intelligence platforms help you get your supply chain in the best shape it can be. Waste is reduced, your environmental impact is lower, you know precisely where your supplies are coming from, and product quality is improved, too. It’s every reason to be proud, so why not tell that to the people who matter most to your brand… your consumers.

ChainPoint Storytelling uses smart phone scanning technology to connect consumers to real-time chain information stored in ChainPoint that you can present to strengthen the position and authenticity of your brand. Consumers can use it directly at retail outlets to form a more intimate, trusted relationship with your product by seeing its individual story.

Use ChainPoint Storytelling to show consumers the carbon footprint of an individual scanned product, for example, or the farmers involved in providing its raw materials. With ChainPoint Storytelling, every product’s got a unique, compelling story to tell to win over consumers.

Stortyelling_ChainPoint_500-200pxBenefits storytelling

  • Provide supply chain transparency
  • Bring consumers closely in touch with your brand
  • Win over the conscientious consumers with convincing information
  • Use real supply chain data to drive your marketing in new directions



Example of Storytelling

You can demonstrate the unique story of your products to your customers. Here you can scan a working example of storytelling. The QR-code displayed below will inform you on a piece of furniture manufactured in the Bihar region, India. From its forest of origin through all stages of production, the whole story is told. Scan the QR code with your smartphone. This also works when scanned from most computer screens.

Storytelling example - ChainPoint