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Supply chain actors, such as farmers, processors, traders, laboratories, brand owners and retailers, are increasingly required to co-operate and achieve common goals, like product quality, safety and sustainability while mitigating risks and reducing all costs. Qualitative management Information, aggregated from data collected throughout the supply chain, plays a key role in this process. ChainPoint offers the means to manage supply chain information in an easy, flexible and scalable way, as following solutions will show.

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Supply Chain Mapping

The first step in creating sustainable supply chains is knowing who is involved in the sourcing and production of your products. Who are the suppliers in your supply chain and do you know from whom they source, the so-called Tier 2 suppliers?
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Connecting Supply Chains


As a producer or certifying body you care deeply about your brand. It upholds your values and the trust your customers place in you. It’s the reason customers loyally come back to you time and time again. Ensuring your brand…
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Supplier Assessment

Whilst periodic auditing helps ensure that product quality and sustainability standards are met, it may fall short if your supply chain is subject to sudden, unforeseen, product related changes which could quickly affect product…
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Data collection in the field using apps

Audit Management

When customers choose your product, they’re also choosing for guarantees. They need to be certain your product is safe, that it’s a high-quality product, that it’s been responsibly and fairly produced, and that it…
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Reports & Supply Chain Analytics

Chain managers usually pursue multiple long-term objectives, concerning, for example, the sustainable or qualitative development of their supply chain. To that end, they regularly need to assess their key performance indicators based…
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Storytelling sustainability


ChainPoint’s Traceability, Auditing, Assessment and Business Intelligence platforms help you get your supply chain in the best shape it can be. But you also want to inform your customers on the great work you are doing…
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Industry solutions

ChainPoint is active in a number of key markets such as food, feed, agriculture, fruit & vegetables and textile & apparel. Our software platform is capable of handling any commodity or any supply chain. Read our industry pages to learn more.

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