Audit Management

When customers choose your product, they’re also choosing for guarantees. They need to be certain your product is safe, that it’s a high quality product, that it’s been responsibly and fairly produced, and that it doesn’t sacrifice the world for generations to come – they perhaps even favour products that are certified by reputable bodies.

To meet these guarantees, you’ll need to be absolutely sure certain standards are being met and regularly audited for compliance, not only at your own premises, but also those of your suppliers. And their suppliers, too. In fact, at critical points across your whole supply chain.



ChainPoint Auditing & Certification makes it easy to establish new standards, or use existing ones, and apply them at all necessary points along your supply chain, whilst making sure they’re being enforced. It provides auditors and certifiers with an intelligent, interactive platform for taking electronic audits directly along to premises and completing them, often with simple, one-touch controls. It offers a secure central repository for storing all completed audits, bringing them together so managers can instantly investigate their status, review supply chain compliance, rapidly isolate risks and take corrective action before deviations become major problems.


In addition ChainPoint Auditing & Certification interacts with multiple existing certificate databases, ensuring decision makers have all relevant certificate information at hand in a single click.


Benefits of integrated audit management

  • Mitigate supply chain compliance risks
  • Assist suppliers in adapting quality standards
  • Track the status of certifications, audits and corrective actions
  • Create transparent workflows between auditors and audited companies
  • Work together easily with certifying bodies and existing certificate databases

Audit Analytics

Coupled with ChainPoint Business Intelligence, managers can analyse collective audit results from a multitude of angles to learn of emerging trends, such increased medicine usage over time – trends which, without the power of ChainPoint’s centralised audit repository and Business Intelligence, would be impossible to visualise.

Tie all this in with ChainPoint Alerts, our sophisticated 24/7 data monitoring platform, and ChainPoint will even pro-actively monitor collective audit results for parameters or trends you specify, alerting you before things slip out of control.

Established brands, retailers and certifying bodies rely on ChainPoint Auditing & Certification every day to take the complexity out of their auditing challenges so they can focus on compliance, reduce risk and lower costs.

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