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Securefeed: safety in the compound feed industry

The food safety of the meat, dairy and eggs start at the farm level. Animal feed, or compound feed, plays a big part in this. SecureFeed was established to ensure this safety and carefully monitor the quality of compound feed. The supply chain of compound feed is made up of suppliers of raw material, producers and farmers. It's SecureFeeds mission to connect these supply chain and they ChainPoint software to do this.


ChainPoint’s role

The ChainPoint software, built on proven technology, was adapted and configured for SecureFeed to fit their specific needs, something we do for all our customers. Our SecureFeed solution has the following features:

  • Risk assessment of feed material
  • Supplier assessment
  • Producer assessment
  • Information sharing via alerts and warnings

Compound feed vs other sectors

The compound feed sector has a complex structure with many different stakeholders. This is something we see in other industries too. Because the ChainPoint is flexible, scalable and adaptable we can also use our technology in these other sectors. ChainPoint’s technology is already being used in the pork, beef, fruit, vegetable and horticulture industries. With ChainPoint technology, managing and collecting data in such complex sectors is greatly simplified, enabling the supply chain to respond rapidly, whilst ensuring transparency throughout the sector.

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About Securefeed

SecureFeed is impartial organization with over 400 Dutch animal feed company, basically spanning the entire Dutch industry. Securefeed monitors more then 600 products and 1250 suppliers every year, resulting in more then 125.000 analytical results. For more information please visit

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