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RTRS: checking sustainability throughout the chain

The Round Table on Responsible Soy (RTRS) is an international multi-stakeholder initiative founded in 2006 that promotes the use and growth of responsible soy production through the commitment of the main stakeholders of the soy value chain and through a global standard for responsible production. The RTRS standard for responsible soy production includes requirements to halt conversion of areas with high conservation value, to promote best management practices, to ensure fair working conditions, and to respect land tenure claims. A certification scheme for production and one for Chain of Custody have been implemented.


RTRS Trading Platform

The RTRS Trading Platform facilitates producers and buyers of RTRS Certified Material. This technological platform allows RTRS Credits to be traded and RTRS Physical Material sales to be registered.

It is very easy to use – with only a few clicks stakeholders can participate in the market of RTRS Responsible Soy, whilst ensuring transparency and traceability. See how the RTRS platform works.

The RTRS functionalities

  • Central registration, monitoring and control of certified product volumes throughout the supply chain.
  • The Certificate Trading Platform, facilitating transactions between certified producers and market stakeholders.
  • Checks on sustainability claims.
  • Management reporting.

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