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MSD, efficiency in animal health

MSD Animal Health is a pharmaceutical company with a rich history. MSD is operating all over the world and thousands of veterinarians use their products. To manage the order intake of all these vets, MSD asked ChainPoint to develop Prédiction. This software, based on proven ChainPoint technology, can predict how much medicine each vet needs each month, reducing waste and improving efficiency.

MSD Animal Health

How does the software work?

The ChainPoint software, built on proven technology, was adapted and configured for MSD to fit their specific needs. The MSD solution, called Prédiction, works in the following manner:
1. Orders from previous years are imported.
2. A prediction is made automatically of how much medicine is needed for the coming year.
3. Quantities are recalculated when adjustments are made.
4. Signatures of veterinarians are requested to confirm the order.
5. Veterinarians can sign orders and contracts via SMS, without having to print and sign these manually.
6. A complete overview on how much medicine is needed is created.

This is all done in one, easy-to-use system.

About MSD

MSD Animal Health was founded in the 1950’s and operates in more than 140 countries. MSD Animal Health consists of animal health manufacturing facilities and an extensive research & development network. For more information on MSD Animal Health and it’s history go to

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