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AVINED, securing the Dutch poultry sector

The Dutch Ministry of Economic Affairs (EZ) is responsible for safe poultry supply chains. EZ has designated some of their tasks to AVINED. One of them is a self-regulatory database for collecting salmonella data in the poultry supply chain. To manage and offer this database, AVINED has implemented ChainPoint technology as their platform of choice. The data collected is used for a variety of tasks such as registration of laboratory tests, reporting and issuing important alerts.

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A dedicated AVINED platform has been created based on ChainPoint’s technology, called KIPnet. The platform acts in the Netherlands as the official salmonella database for the Dutch Poultry sector.

In addition, the affiliated foundations OVONED and PLUIMNED use ChainPoint to implement the “IKB Ei” and “IKB Kip” quality management systems.

ChainPoint’s role

The recorded data and the platform are being used for a variety of tasks:

  • Management of hygiene and other IKB programmes
  • Registration of lab-tests for salmonella with interfacing to the Dutch Food and Consumer Product Safety Authority
  • Mass-balance traceability of egg consumption
  • Sharing of data and information with internal and external platforms
  • Storytelling: using the print code on the egg to display information about the producing farmer

Poultry sector vs other sectors

As with many sectors, the poultry sector has a complex structure with many different stakeholders. With ChainPoint technology, managing and collecting data in such complex sectors is greatly simplified, enabling the supply chain to respond rapidly, whilst ensuring transparency throughout the sector.


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