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AFS: supplier evaluation in the compound feed industry

AFS is an organisation that focuses on the the safety of compound feed in the supply chain for it's members. High quality raw materials will lead to high quality compound feed and this will lead to high food safety. AFS assesses and evaluates suppliers, conducts risk assessments and organises joint polluting monitoring.

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ChainPoint’s role

ChainPoint adapted it's software to fit the exact requirements of AFS. This resulted in a software solution with a lot of functionalities all on one platform. Some of the functionalities of the ChainPoint software are:

  • Supplier assessments: with ingredients in compound feed coming from all over the world it's very important to assess compound feed suppliers.
  • Sample scheduling: based on risk factors such as raw products, the season and contamination risks the schedule for sample taking can be made automatically.
  • Warning systems: when one of the AFS members detects a problem with a cargo, a warning can be send to AFS and all members. This warning can be shared with Dutch counterparts Securefeed as well.

Compound feed vs other sectors

The compound feed sector has a complex structure with many different stakeholders. This is something we see in other industries too. Because the ChainPoint is flexible, scalable and adaptable we can also use our technology in these other sectors. ChainPoint’s technology is already being used in the pork, beef, fruit, vegetable and horticulture industries. With ChainPoint technology, managing and collecting data in such complex sectors is greatly simplified, enabling the supply chain to respond rapidly, whilst ensuring transparency throughout the sector.

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