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3S Sustainable Cashew Supply Chain

Cashew is mainly produced by smallholder farmers in Africa, India, Vietnam and Brazil. Currently 40% of cashew is produced in Africa. A consortium of leading actors in the cashew sector has developed and launched a Management Information System: Securing Sustainable Supply (3S, pronounced as Triple S), to collectively improve the cashew supply chain.


3S Management Information System

The 3S Management Information System is used to capture and measure the impact and progress made on the sustainability goals and indicators in the cashew supply chain. The output of the system will be used by training institutions and local business development organisations, as well as the participating farmer organisations and companies, to monitor, evaluate, adjust and gear the sustainability improvements in the cashew chain. In addition, the output will also be used to facilitate the exchange of best practices and knowledge to encourage the scaling up of collective action.

The functionalities of 3s

All our customers use specific configurations of the ChainPoint software. 3s uses the following functionalities:

  • Farm crop management
  • Full chain traceability
  • Security & confidentiality
  • Interfacing with existing ERP systems
  • Analytics and Business Intelligence
Cashew nuts growing on a tree This extraordinary nut grows outside the fruit

3S experiences with ChainPoint

"The 3S platform, built on ChainPoint technology, is a true game changer to the cashew and nut business in general. It's a key tool for production improvement and traceability!"

Herman uit de Bosch, FairMatch Support

"We are currently looking to systems beyond certification and 3S is the best we have seen so far."

One of Europe’s largest retailers

Smallholder support

Training smallholder farmers will result in improved yields and higher quality crops, which directly improves the livelihood of smallholders and the future supply of products.

With ChainPoint you can measure the results of training and supporting smallholder farmers. Yield and quality data of commodities flowing through the supply chain can be matched with training initiatives to see what’s most effective.

The members of 3S


Act now.


FairMatch Support and ChainPoint organised a webinar on “Using training and ICT-solutions to improve smallholder livelihood and sustainable production”. You can request a recording of this webinar using the form on the right.

Attendees learned how to engage with smallholder farmers and how to employ best on-the-ground practices. In a live software demo is showed how the results of training and improvement programmes can be measured and analysed using ChainPoint technology.

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