Enkele van onze referenties

ChainPoint wordt toegepast in zeer complexe ketens met tienduizenden leveranciers en partners. Het platform geeft organisaties en de vele aangesloten bedrijven meer inzicht in hun ketens en meer controle over hun producten en processen. Op deze pagina vindt u enkele referenties van ChainPoint in verschillende markten.

Rainforest Alliance logo - ChainPoint

The Rainforest Alliance: Working to rebalance the planet

The Rainforest Alliance uses ChainPoint technology to collect important supply chain data in many specific supply chains including cocoa and bananas, enabling visibility and traceability in global commodity supply chains.
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Tony's Chocolonely: make chocolate slave free - ChainPoint

Transforming the cocoa industry: stop child slavery

To stop child slavery in the cocoa industry, true market transformation is needed with all stakeholders involved. That is why in 2005 Tony’s Chocolonely was founded with exactly that mission.
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Logo GoodWeave - ChainPoint

GoodWeave, fighting child-labour and improving working conditions in the carpet industry

GoodWeave aims to redefine the term “transparency” with the Supply Unchained initiative. In collaboration with USAID and co-funded by the Skoll Foundation, the ChainPoint platform will offer real-time supply chain maps and data down to the most remote production sites.
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Logo Bionext - ChainPoint

Biotrust, a web based solution for organic produce risk assessment

Bionext, the company behind Biotrust, has selected ChainPoint as its software platform of choice to implement their risk assessment system. Bionext uses ChainPoint technology to…
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Logo Better Cotton Initiative - ChainPoint

Endorsing a claim for Better Cotton

The Better Cotton Initiative (BCI), founded in 2009 and initiated by some visionary organisations, including adidas, H&M, IKEA, Oxfam and WWF, aims to improve the livelihood and economic development in cotton producing areas, reduce the environmental impact of cotton production and secure the future of the sector.
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GreenYard Fresh logo - ChainPoint

Sharing costs and knowledge for food safety

Greenyard Fresh (UNIVEG) is one of a number of parties that use ChainPoint as a shared resource. The partners not only save money, but also benefit from each other‘s knowledge and experiences as well.
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Logo RTRS - ChainPoint

Checking sustainability throughout the chain

The Round Table on Responsible Soy (RTRS) is an international multi-stakeholder initiative founded in 2006 that promotes the use and growth of responsible soy production through the commitment of the main stakeholders of the soy value chain and through a global standard for responsible production.
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Logo The Forest Trust - ChainPoint

Responsible products for a better Earth

TFT is a non-profit organisation that helps companies to deliver sustainable products, made for instance of tropical hardwood. TFT teams advise companies on site, at plantations, in forests and in factories, and carry out sustainability audits. TFT uses this information to help retailers create an environmentally responsible product range. ChainPoint® facilitates these processes.
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Logo Avril - ChainPoint

Health synergy in the pork chain

Groupe Avril’s objective is to develop an information system which optimises the links between business partners, improving the exchange and use of information relevant to animal health and quality, along with the technical and economic performance of pork produced in the industry.
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GMP+ logo - ChainPoint

Improve safety in the animal feed sector

GMP+ International manages the GMP+ Feed Safety Assurance scheme. This scheme is used worldwide to guarantee animal feed safety throughout the chain. GMP+ International has over 11,000 participants throughout the world.
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FreshPoint logo - ChainPoint

Residue monitoring and advanced workflows

Fresh.Point is a collaborative monitoring platform for wholesalers and international traders in the European fruit and vegetable sector. It connects traders with food laboratories and supports the workflow of assigning, reporting and analysing product tests.
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Logo 3S Securing Sustainable Supply - ChainPoint

3S Sustainable Cashew Supply Chain

The demand for traceable and sustainable food supply chains is growing. ChainPoint facilitates more than 100 supply chains in multiple sectors. One of these projects improves the supply chain traceability of cashew, as well as the livelihood of African cashew farmers.
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