Referenties in de duurzame levensmiddelenindustrie

Tony's Chocolonely: make chocolate slave free - ChainPoint

Transforming the cocoa industry: stop child slavery

To stop child slavery in the cocoa industry, true market transformation is needed with all stakeholders involved. That is why in 2005 Tony’s Chocolonely was founded with exactly that mission.
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Logo Bionext - ChainPoint

Biotrust, a web based solution for organic produce risk assessment

Bionext, the company behind Biotrust, has selected ChainPoint as its software platform of choice to implement their risk assessment system. Bionext uses ChainPoint technology to…
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GreenYard Fresh logo - ChainPoint

Sharing costs and knowledge for food safety

Greenyard Fresh (UNIVEG) is one of a number of parties that use ChainPoint as a shared resource. The partners not only save money, but also benefit from each other‘s knowledge and experiences as well.
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FreshPoint logo - ChainPoint

Residue monitoring and advanced workflows

Fresh.Point is a collaborative monitoring platform for wholesalers and international traders in the European fruit and vegetable sector. It connects traders with food laboratories and supports the workflow of assigning, reporting and analysing product tests.
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Logo 3S Securing Sustainable Supply - ChainPoint

3S Sustainable Cashew Supply Chain

The demand for traceable and sustainable food supply chains is growing. ChainPoint facilitates more than 100 supply chains in multiple sectors. One of these projects improves the supply chain traceability of cashew, as well as the livelihood of African cashew farmers.
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