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“FLOCERT is a global certification and verification body with a mission of “fair global trade everyone can believe in”. As the single certifier for Fairtrade, FLOCERT supports all facets of Fairtrade, including the Fairtrade Sourcing Programs. These programs were designed to provide farmers new opportunities to sell more cocoa, sugar or cotton on Fairtrade terms.

Fairtrade works with some 66,000 cotton farmers, mainly in West Africa and India, to unlock exciting new opportunities for cotton farmers. With the Fairtrade Cotton Program, supported by ChainPoint, these farmers have the possibility to sell most or all of their cotton on Fairtrade terms.

Cotton goes through many manufacturing stages before it’s turned into a t-shirt, dress or towel. Companies can buy Fairtrade cotton in bulk, mixing it with other cotton and fibers as needed. That way they can really increase the amount of Fairtrade cotton they buy to 10%, 20%, 40% of their business, or even more.

The Fairtrade Cotton Program creates another way for cotton farmers to benefit from selling their cotton on Fairtrade terms, and provides this opportunity to more types of business than before.

Cotton to Counter Solution Paper

Textile supply chains face many challenges. The responsibility to solve these challenges continuously moves towards the end of the chain, thereby mostly affecting brand owners and retailers. For them, the question is how to identify and resolve the hotspots in their supply chain and how to monitor and improve the effectiveness of all supply chain actors. As a reference, we have created a solution paper highlighting key challenges and possible solutions. Please download the report using the button below.

Download our Cotton to Counter Solution Paper

Transparency from cotton to counter solution paper - ChainPoint

FSP FairTrace, a traceability system built on ChainPoint technology.

For supporting the Fairtrade Cotton Program, ChainPoint delivered “FSP FairTrace” to FLOCERT, a traceability system built on ChainPoint technology. This system encompasses:

  • Full traceability from farmer to retailer, including transaction management with workflow and inventory tracking;
  • Support for mixing of raw materials;
  • Support for product conversions including conversion checks. Suspicious conversions provide input for audit planning;
  • Claim management: retailers can define targets for the amount (percentage or volume) they intend to source sustainably;
  • Product portfolio management: supply chain actors can define which products they buy and sell, use their own naming conventions, set quality parameters for their products and set their own default conversion factors;
  • Support for different units of measurement including automated conversions;
  • Signing up of new members to join the system via invitations sent from existing members of the system, including an advanced approval workflow process;
  • Interfacing with external systems by providing users the ability to upload data via files from their own system to FairTrace.

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