Industry solutions for supply chain sustainability and efficiency

ChainPoint is active in a number of key markets such as food, feed, agriculture, fruit & vegetables and textile & apparel. Our software platform is capable of handling any commodity or any supply chain. ChainPoint’s software is extremely flexible and can adapt to fit any industry or sector. Please select your industry page below to learn more.

Kleding & Textiel

Sustainable fashion - ChainPoint
The apparel, footwear and textile industries are facing a number of major challenges in different areas of the supply chain. Consumers are, for example, much more aware of the sustainability of the products they buy and…


Sustainable cocoa supply chains - ChainPoint
Ensuring the future supply of agricultural products is key to feeding the world’s rising population. Extensive farming and new technologies have accounted for increased production over the last decades, but…

Groente & Fruit

Sustainable fruit - ChainPoint
Fruit & vegetable supply chains are focused on ensuring short time to market. Regulations on fruit & vegetables are strict and all measures are taken to ensure food safety. This includes better communication along supply chains…


Sustainable Food - ChainPoint
Every day the growing population of the world is consuming massive amounts of food. Food supply chains are stretched and will be under increasing pressure to feed the world. The current way…


Sustainable soy - ChainPoint
Animal proteins are an essential component when it comes to feeding the world’s growing population. The production of meats (poultry/swine/beef), as well as dairy and fish all rely heavily on…


Software solutions cosmetics supply chain - ChainPoint
From the initial sourcing of raw materials through to consumer use and disposal, the cosmetics supply chain has an impact across multiple stakeholders. And it has…

Industrie oplossingen

ChainPoint is actief in vele industrieën, zoals levensmiddelen, veevoer, landbouw, groente & fruit en textiel. Ons softwareplatform kan gebruikt worden voor ketenverbetering en traceerbaarheid in iedere keten of voor iedere commodity. Bekijk onze oplossingen voor verschillende industrieën.