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December 22, 2016
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January 20, 2017

Sustainable food supply chains, meet us in Berlin

Sustainable Food Solutions - ChainPoint

On 18 and 19 of January, ChainPoint will be at the ENG Event, “Sustainable Development in the F&B Industry”, in Berlin. As a software provider for sustainable supply chains, we are actively involved in helping to solve the many issues in the food & beverage sector. Challenges such as resource scarcity, supply disruptions, food safety but also social disparity can have a big impact on the results of a company. In order to improve or solve such issues, full supply chain visibility is needed. This can be achieved using for example supply chain mapping or traceability, which will identify all stakeholders in the supply chain. Supply chain visibility offers opportunities for reducing risks and costs, while at the same time improving efficiency and sustainability.

References in sustainable food supply chains

Sustainable Food SolutionsChainPoint’s has a strong presence in sustainable food supply chains. Some references include Greenyard Fresh (former Univeg), The Sustainable Nut Initiative, Tony’s Chocolonely, Rainforest Alliance or industry solutions such as our residue monitoring platform FreshPoint. Our ChainPoint platform can be configured to meet the needs and requirements of any supply chain. From cocoa, nuts, fresh produce till cotton and conflict minerals, the ChainPoint platform is capable of handling the specific data collection needs. Data collection is done in various ways, for example interfacing with existing systems in the supply chain, manual data collection or by using mobile apps. These mobile apps have the capability to work offline if there is no connectivity. Once connectivity is restored, data is exchanged and forms are updated.

Sustainable food supply chains solution paper

ChainPoint recently published a solution paper on sustainable food supply chains. In order to tackle the challenges in the food & beverage industry, insight needs to be gained by monitoring and analysing key metrics across all stakeholders in the food & beverage supply chain. Also, having a clear view of the entire supply chain, beyond the tier 1 suppliers, is needed to truly assess the supply chain impact. ChainPoint offers multiple solutions to help gain more insight and reduce the risks in supply chains. Read our solution paper to learn more. Download the report here.

Contact us

Please contact Dr. Alexander Ellebrecht at the ENG Event in Berlin or email us to learn more about our solutions for creating sustainable food supply chains.

Dr. Alexander Ellebrecht
Email: a.ellebrecht@chainpoint.com
M. +49 (0)170 90 56 220