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November 22, 2016
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December 20, 2016

Successful training session for GoodWeave staff in Afghanistan, India, and Nepal

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One of our latest customers is GoodWeave, an international non-profit organization fighting child labour in the rug industry. Last summer, GoodWeave selected ChainPoint as their platform of choice for capturing data in the supply chain using both apps and online forms, interfacing data with existing database systems, creating supply chain mappings and using reporting to visualize the progress being made on fighting child labour.

The GoodWeave platform is now operational and using a train-the-trainer principle; GoodWeave staff in Afghanistan, India, and Nepal were recently trained in using the new platform. The first indications are very positive, with plans to expand the platform in 2017 across other industries that also face child labour issues.

GoodWeave teams that received training in using the ChainPoint platform

The GoodWeave teams from Afghanistan, India, and Nepal

Nina Smith, Executive Director of GoodWeave International: “The GoodWeave programme will help us redefine the term “transparency.” The Supply Unchained platform — in collaboration with USAID and co-funded by the Skoll Foundation — is a platform that will offer real-time supply chain maps and data down to the most remote production sites.”

About GoodWeave and child labour

An estimated 168 million boys and girls are put to work globally, from the cocoa fields of the Ivory Coast to loom sheds in the Kathmandu Valley. Many are invisible, working behind the scenes in dark corners of international supply chains. Illegal subcontracting and limited governmental control are some of the causes fueling the use of child labour in, for example, the carpet industry. Nearly 250.000 children are being exploited in the handmade carpet industry.

GoodWeave International is fighting child labour in the carpet industry and wants to replicate its market-based approach to other sectors. Since its founding 20 years ago, GoodWeave has been certifying carpets against its No Child Labour standard. As of the beginning of 2016, GoodWeave carpets are also certified as being free of forced and bonded labour. The highest level of supply chain transparency is needed, ensuring GoodWeave can verify labour conditions throughout the supply chain and allowing unannounced inspections by local inspectors. This includes the need for intelligent supply chain management solutions to monitor and verify supply chain actors.

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Child labour and child slavery are unfortunately endemic in many supply chains, involving many commodities. Follow our blog and subscribe to our newsletter to learn more about how our customers use ChainPoint to stop child labour and child slavery.