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ChainPoint offers a number of solution papers that cover a wide array of subjects in multiple sectors. You can view the solution papers below and download them for free.

Better audit management with smart technology (new!)

In this solution paper, we will outline how these auditing processes work, how the ideal audit management system should look like and how software can make this process smarter and more efficient.

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How can a blockchain drive transparency, trust and efficiency?

Blockchain is perhaps one of the biggest information technology breakthroughs since the internet. Can a blockchain help us in monitoring and securing supply chains? We answer that question in this solution paper.

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Possible steps towards transparency in supply chains with conflict minerals

In this solution paper, we will highlight several challenges and drivers for change in supply chains with conflict minerals and describe how ChainPoint solutions can help in taking action against these issues.

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Using technology to prevent child labour

In this solution paper you will find some aspects to consider when you start working on child labour reduction. Software and technology can play an important role in gaining insight into supply chains in order to identify possible hotspots and risks.

We will show what brand owners and standards organisations can do to prevent child labour. Fill in the form now and you will receive our solution paper immediately.

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A step-by-step approach to building a more sustainable textile supply chain.

Download our solution paper offering you an overview of the cotton market and the solutions available to improve sustainability.

A step-by-step approach to building a more sustainable textile supply chain. Transparency through the Supply Chain, Objectives, hotspots and partnerships, Feasibility checks and The role of IT in your Supply Chain.

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Improving efficiency and sustainability in the cosmetics industry

The many challenges in cosmetics and personal care supply chains share one common point: whatever the challenge, collecting data and turning this data into actionable information will always be needed. That’s where ChainPoint’s flexible and configurable platform comes in, connecting supply chains to create visibility and traceability.

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Sustainability Impact Assessment solution paper. Four steps to get insight into your sustainability impact.

We will offer you ideas on how to:
1.  Define what you want to measure; less is more
2.  Find data that is already available in your supply chain
3.  How to harvest data from the supply chain
4.  How to analyse data and transform it into information

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How to manage your residue monitoring and use analytics to discover trends

FreshPoint is a collaborative residue monitoring platform for wholesalers and international traders in the European fruit and vegetable sector. It connects traders with food laboratories and supports the workflow of assigning, reporting and analysing product tests.

By sharing this online infrastructure and functionality, and by sharing knowledge on, for example, residue monitoring and anonymised data, cooperating traders increase process and information quality, whilst reducing costs at the same time.

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