Rainforest Alliance Cocoa farmer - ChainPoint
The Rainforest Alliance selects ChainPoint as central data collection platform in sustainable supply chains
March 23, 2017
Tony’s Chocolonely introduces “Beantracker” with ChainPoint technology for more transparency in the cocoa industry
April 20, 2017

New French “Devoir de Vigilance” law

Subsequent subcontracting leads reduced visibility and traceability.

Recently, a new French law was adopted which requires large companies to assess and mitigate human rights infringements and environmental risks in their supply chains. Creating visibility and transparency as well as risk mitigation plans (“plans de vigilance”) is vital for complying with the new law. As supply chains are long and complex, so too is the monitoring of suppliers in various stages in the supply chain. Supply chain mapping is a solution where relations are created between different suppliers. Knowing who sources from where gives insight into potential risks. Assessment and audits can be combined with third-party data, to create a risk profile per supplier. The ChainPoint platform is designed to collect data from all stakeholders in the supply chain, creating the visibility and transparency needed to identify risks and keep track of the progress being made in reducing them. The ChainPoint platform helps companies improve quality and sustainability, whilst reducing costs and risks.

Produrable 2017

On 14 and 15 March, ChainPoint was present at Produrable, the leading sustainability trade show in France (in Paris). Together with the Rainforest Alliance, a cutting-edge workshop was given on how to use technology to improve sustainability in supply chains, with a focus on proactive risk mitigation and brand protection. Catherine Rivier and Elena Sosa from the Rainforest Alliance explained how technology helps them to achieve transparency and visibility in supply chains in coffee, tea, cocoa, and bananas. Patrick Marin-Cudraz, a project manager at ChainPoint, showed the inner working of the platform. The workshop demonstrated perfectly how technology can be used to comply with existing and future laws.

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