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March 18, 2015
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New dedicated website for 3S: Securing Sustainable Supply

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Logo_3sSecuring Sustainable Supply (3S), pronounced Triple S, is the name of a Chain Information Management System built by ChainPoint, used to facilitate the processes that are needed to create sustainable supply chains.

3S monitors and manages the cashew supply chain by linking data from all actors and providing traceability, audit management, sourcing, monitoring, benchmarking and impact analysis along the entire production chain.

Vertical supply chain collaboration

The 3S system is a perfect example of a private sector driven vertical collaboration, from farmer, trader, processor, roaster up until retail and ultimately the consumer. By collaborating and by improving the farmers’ livelihood, a sustainable cashew supply chain has been created which benefits all parties involved. Using advanced supply chain software, the 3S system has already improved income for many local smallholder farmers, capturing the true meaning of vertical collaboration in the supply chain.

New website 3S

In order to promote the 3S system and offer more information on its benefits, a dedicated website has been created. Please visit www.supply3s.com to read all about 3S.

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ChainPoint is active in more than 100 global supply chains and is used in some of the most complex supply chains spanning tens of thousands of suppliers and subcontractors, serving the supply chains of commodities such as cashew, cocoa, soy but also cotton, fruit & vegetables, timber and many more. Please contact us for more information on our solutions and Management Information Systems.