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June 6, 2013

New ChainPoint release with improved authorisation functionality and more

ChainPoint Screenshot - ChainPoint

Version 4.5 of ChainPoint is now available. Besides numerous customer-requested features that have been introduced, along with bug fixes, this new version offers two major improvements: we have significantly improved response times across the whole application and we have made authorisation far more user-friendly to work with.

Users of the 4.5 release will notice that performance has been increased. Less data is sent over the internet, which is especially useful when you are working with larger forms or when you’re working at locations where bandwidth is limited. But that is not all; you will also notice that information-dense screens will pop up much faster.



Perhaps even more important are the changes we’ve made to the authorisation functionality. The benefits are threefold:

  1. In previous releases an administrator had to assign multiple roles to users at three or more locations within the system, each representing a different context for which access has to be provided, such as the user’s own company, its suppliers or all organisations within the system. In ChainPoint 4.5 an administrator has to assign roles only at one location, making this process far less complicated and less time consuming.
  2. In previous versions an administrator had to select a role out of a list of all roles configured within the system, sometimes running up to more than twenty. Now this list is filtered based on the type of company (like Certification Bodies, Farmers, etc.), in many cases leaving the administrator with a choice of just two or three relevant roles. This will prevent many errors in role assignment and thus improve information security.
  3. This also applies to the new feature that generates lists of all users who are assigned a certain role. An administrator can now see at a glance if roles have been mistakenly assigned.

This new authorisation functionality is more user-friendly and secure. We hope you’ll benefit from using it.