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November 4, 2014
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January 13, 2015

ISMC Congress 2014: Revising commodities, Traceability inside

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Securing future supply; necessary & feasible

ismc-headerlogoOn November 11th the annual International Supply Management Congress ISMC will start again in Amsterdam. The main topics of this congress are about optimising supply chains, with a strong focus on sustainability. This year the congress’ theme is “Future supply management, perspectives through new partnerships”.

Workshops on Collaboration & Traceability

ChainPoint will be there as well. Two of our customers/partners will lead workshops on the topic of collaboration, sharing information and traceability throughout their supply chains. They will share their experiences in interactive sessions addressing key-drivers, business case perspectives and partnership requirements when enhancing transparency and traceability in commodity markets.

Vertical & horizontal value chain approach

The first workshop will be led by Arie Endendijk (Director Procurement) from Intersnack and is about nuts. The second session is with Ben Horsburgh (Director Quality Management) from Univeg and is about fruit & vegetables. Products of both value chains are sourced globally, however their supply chains are different, involving different products in different regions. The first one is a vertical value chain collaboration, the other session is about a horizontal value chain approach.

Both directors are personally closely involved as they are one of the initiators of these unique, voluntary value chain approaches. They will deal with topics like: ‘What is the need of traceability in your supply chain?’ ‘What are the challenges and consequences of single companies and sector broad approaches?’ ‘How do scenarios relate to expected impacts such as deforestation and risk assessment mechanisms in the upstream supply chain?’

Capture & share product information throughout supply chains

Managing international supply chains brings a lot of tasks and also challenges along with it. In a changing world with population growth, rising prosperity and resource scarcity, insight in your supply chain is key. This makes sustainable sourcing and intensification of partnerships to secure long-term future supply necessary but also feasible. To this end, collaboration and creating close partnerships is becoming more and more important. Sharing information and managing detailed data is inherent in collaboration and elementary, but can also be complex. Companies are therefore looking for reliable, efficient and time saving solutions.

Creating a platform for supply chain monitoring in an agile way, based on standardised IT functionality and combined with relevant expertise and experience (for a quick time to market), to capture and share product information with all actors in your value chain is key. ChainPoint helps companies globally with the ability to successfully deliver comprehensive projects, being a robust partner in achieving your goals in the areas of global sourcing and sustainably. For more information, please check our Use cases here.