Residu monitoring fresh produce - ChainPoint
ChainPoint extends Fresh.Point residue monitoring platform with advanced analytics add-on
February 2, 2015
Logo 2degrees - ChainPoint
2degrees network Supply Chain Award
March 18, 2015

Implementing sustainability in your supply chain? Come and meet us at the 2degrees live event in London, March 6.

Logo 2degrees - ChainPoint

2degrees-logoCollaboration is the core of our business. As a solution provider, we believe that only through working together in the supply chain, real sustainability can be achieved. What better place to reach out to the sustainability community, and share best practices, solutions and ideas, than the upcoming 2degreeslive event in London, on March 6. Meet us there!

Charles van den Heuvel will attend the 2degreeslive event. If you want to discuss best practices, solutions and ideas with him, or just meet up, please contact us. We will be happy to arrange a meeting. Contact us

About the 2degrees network

2degrees is the world’s leading collaboration platform for sustainable business with over 44,800 members from 176 countries. “We believe that business is key to solving the greatest challenge of our time: how 9 billion people can live well and sustainably on a single planet with finite resources.”: Martin Chilcott, Founder & CEO, 2degrees.