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October 13, 2016
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GoodWeave and Target ‘Supply Unchained’ Project discussed at the White House

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One of our customers, GoodWeave, has a mission to stop child labour in the carpet industry and to ultimately replicate the same approach in other sectors. Together with USAID, Target Corporation and Skoll Foundation, GoodWeave is contributing to the ‘Supply Unchained’ project to fight trafficking and child labour in supply chains.

GoodWeave uses ChainPoint technology to visualize all data in the supply chain, gaining more information on stakeholders and their relationships. With ChainPoint, GoodWeave can reveal all supply chain tiers involved in manufacturing, who the weavers are, and if and where there are child labour violations.

Recently, USAID answered to a call from the US President to discuss the project at the ‘President’s Interagency Task Force to Monitor and Combat Trafficking in Persons’ meeting at the White House. Besides members of different governmental bodies and other initiatives that fight trafficking, Secretary John Kerry was also present.

Ms. Gayle Smith highlighted three projects supported by USAID, one of which is the GoodWeave initiative.

“USAID’s honored to be part of answering the President’s call, but also honored to be in a room and see what it looks like when the entire government steps up on an issue, and it’s pretty impressive.

We announced at a meeting several months of this group the Supply Unchained initiative. And what we did under that was issued a call for innovative approaches using technology to try to get to some of the systemic issues that the Secretary just described. We’ve now kicked off three, and the idea here is that these can be models that can be replicated in the same sector or in other sectors and then actually be brought to scale.

The first was announced last month; it’s Stop Trafficking by Sea, which we’re doing with the Blue Moon Fund, to satellite-based vessel tracking technology to help us identify and counter human trafficking in the global fishing industry.

The second is working with GoodWeave to develop a tech platform that will help the Target corporation identify risks of human trafficking in its supply chain in India – and again, we think this is one that could be very worthy of replication, assuming its successful.

The third underway is in partnership with the Issara Institute in Thailand, where we’re collecting and analyzing real-time data using social media platforms to increase our ability to reach migrants working in the seafood industry.”


Technology in supply chain sustainability

Seeing ChainPoint’s technology being used to fight child-labour is very rewarding for us all at ChainPoint, especially when the GoodWeave project is referred to as very worthy of replication in other markets with child labour and trafficking issues. At ChainPoint we strongly believe that technology can be a real driver in identifying many issues in modern day supply chains. It drives us in supporting our customers in achieving their goals.