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FreshPoint: residue monitoring platform now open to new subscribers

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WebIn 2013, ChainPoint and a consortium of international traders and wholesalers in the European fruit and vegetable sector have taken the initiative to develop FreshPoint, a residue monitoring platform based on our chain information management system. This collaborative platform connects traders with food laboratories and supports the workflow of assigning, reporting and analysing product tests. After a period of thorough testing and evaluation, we are now very pleased to invite other European traders and wholesalers in this sector to join the Fresh.Point initiative.

By sharing this online infrastructure and functionality, and by sharing knowledge on, for example, residue monitoring, cooperating traders increase the quality and reliability of both processes and information, while reducing costs at the same time. In addition, the members have agreed to put relevant anonymised data of test reports in a joint data-cube. This aggregated data is then analysed by the DFHV, the German fruit trade association, to serve common interests including the dissemination of early warnings for upcoming threats.

How it works

In FreshPoint traders can assign the examination of product samples to any European food laboratory. The responsible manager has only to fill out one form to have a sample checked against several standards. Afterwards, the laboratories report the test results back to FreshPoint, where they can be viewed and acted upon by individual traders.

FreshPoint comes built in with automatic analysis functionality, which, for example, allows traders to monitor suppliers, regions of origin, or the occurrences of specific residues over a period of time. But they can also use the FreshPoint Analytics add-on that enables managers – even without any data mining expertise – to view the data from every conceivable angle and discover new opportunities.

FreshPoint Analytics

Traders can use the FreshPoint Analytics add-on to look at aggregated data stored in FreshPoint from every imaginable angle. They can, for example, compare products, residues, suppliers, regions and periods of time. This enables them to discover new trends in an early stage or track data correlations that may point to best practices. This Self-Service Business Intelligence add-on is extremely easy to use. Managers can self-reliantly browse the data and create stunning visualisations with only just clicks. Moreover, it is very straightforward to share these new insights with others and thus support informed decision making throughout the organisation.


FreshPoint is a welcome alternative to the well-known 4fresh platform. 4fresh will be taken offline as of December 1, 2014 because the DFHV, the provider of this platform, doesn’t have the means to develop 4fresh any further and thus protect the future interests of its members. After a conscientious examination of the new platform, the DFHV has decided to join FreshPoint and take a seat in the Committee of Experts that will work closely together with ChainPoint on new features and future developments. DFHV members, or any other traders and retailers who would like to learn more about this new system, please contact us.

Do you want to know more about FreshPoint or residue monitoring? Download our expanded information package for free, click here to request.