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Grapes_500px_wide_FreshPoint1Visiting Indian fruit & vegetable producing companies

The second largest fruit & vegetable producing country is India, with only China exceeding India’s production. China mainly produces fruit & vegetables for domestic consumption, but India exports vast amounts of fruit & vegetables to the rest of the world. A large part of the fresh products are exported to Europe. The European Food Safety Authority imposes strict import regulations when it comes to the Maximum Residue Levels (MRLs) of pesticides in fruit & vegetables. Fruit & vegetables that do not meet the maximum residue level criteria will be rejected, resulting in the loss of products and a loss of revenue.

Supply Chain Traceability

It is therefore vital for Indian fruit & vegetable producing companies to be in control of their food supply chain – from farm to fork. Registering every step in the food chain starts with the local farmers, including detailed information on quantities and quality. Part of traceability is also to check every batch, before it is being shipped to Europe, to be sure about residue levels.

Fresh.Point: residue monitoring

One solution that is very interesting for Indian companies is Fresh.Point – a software solution to automate the sampling process, to give insight in residue levels and to pin point trends and risks. The current process of manual sampling is time consuming and offers no options for data analysis. With Fresh.Point fruit & vegetable companies can automate the sampling process by connecting to testing laboratories and by gathering the data collected into one single database for further analysis. Such automation can offer valuable insights and equally lead to cost savings, especially when large amounts of samples are collected and stored.

Using Fresh.Point companies can quickly identify hot spots and deal with these accordingly, helping to ensure their products will be accepted in Europe. Risks are minimized and more control is gained over the originating plantations, giving insight in the quality and consistency of each individual plantation. For more information:

Visiting India

In order to promote our traceability solutions to Indian fruit & vegetable companies, a number of delegates from ChainPoint will be visiting India the coming months. The first trip is scheduled from 1 – 14 August and will focus on fruit & vegetable companies in the Mumbai area.

If you are interested in meeting our delegates in India, please contact us and we will arrange a meeting.