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September 22, 2015
Sustainable brands London 2015 - ChainPoint
ChainPoint at Sustainable Brands London 2015
November 4, 2015

ChainPoint present at the 2015 Textile Exchange Sustainability Conference in Mumbai, India.

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Logo_Textile_ExchangeChainPoint will be visiting the 2015 Textile Exchange Sustainability Conference in Mumbai, India between 5 and 10 October. Global textile leaders such as Adidas, C&A, G-Star, H&M, Puma, MADE-BY, Fairtrade and many more will discuss how to create a more sustainable textile supply chain.

The production of textiles faces many challenges before becoming more sustainable. Besides environmental issues, social and health issues also need to be addressed. Many organisations, both corporates and NGOs, are working on common goals such as reducing waste from textile production, reducing hazardous chemicals used in the dyeing and treatment process, improving the livelihood of people working in the textile supply chain and also ensuring a safe and healthy working environment for both factory workers and cotton farmers.

ChainPoint has a proven track record in providing technology to support textile supply chains in their sustainability goals, having, among others, the Better Cotton Initiative and Flocert (Fairtrade) as customers. Our supply chain sustainability software is used to provide traceability and visibility in textile and cotton supply chains, providing those chains with detailed insights across all connected tiers. The insights delivered by ChainPoint help textile chains improve the livelihood of cotton farmers, reduce their environmental impact and collaborate more effectively, ensuring brand protection, whilst reducing risk and cost across the chain.

Meet ChainPoint at Textile Exchange Mumbai

Dr. Alexander Ellebrecht will be present at the Textile Exchange event in Mumbai. If you would like to meet Dr. Ellebrecht to discuss our work in the textile industry, please contact us and we will be happy to arrange a meeting.

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