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ChainPoint at EuroTier 2016
November 1, 2016
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December 14, 2016

ChainPoint moderated an expert panel at EuroTier regarding Smart Services

Sustainable pork supply chains - ChainPoint

On 16 November, ChainPoint was present at the SmartPork event – an event held during EuroTier which dealt with the theme “Smart Services ‐ new challenges, new solutions”. Bettina Hundt presented: “How a flexible software platform can support creating efficient and sustainable supply chains”. Dr. Alexander Ellebrecht moderated the session on Smart Services.

Smart Services

Smart Services are intelligent services that are adapted to a specific user group – for example, in the pork industry. Between the breeding and the slaughter of, in this case, pigs, a lot of data is captured within the pork value chain. This data can be used for consulting, optimizing of products and traceability of products.

To achieve this, it is necessary that all supply chain stakeholders are interlinked with each other so that data can be collected and be made available to authorized users. The use of data platforms has clear advantages. For example, using diagnostic data and advanced analysis, animal health can be improved. Instead of diagnoses and treatment, the industry can move towards a more proactive approach where observation and prevention are more commonplace than taking corrective actions at a later stage. In Japan, for example, cows are tracked on-site with tags to predict the optimal time for insemination. The behaviour of cows in terms of heat changes, which are picked-up by the sensor, alerts the farmer to act at the right moment.

The implementation of new technologies for data collection, sensor technology like transponders and system integration along the supply chain up to the processing stage, will substantially improve data quality and allow for better data mining.  When supply chain stakeholders decide to work together and share their information, for example with the support of ChainPoint technology, this leads to more efficiency which is a crucial challenge in animal production.

Technology in Supply Chains

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