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January 15, 2015
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March 1, 2015

ChainPoint extends Fresh.Point residue monitoring platform with advanced analytics add-on

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WebChainPoint, a leading supplier in software solutions for sustainable supply chain and sourcing programmes, has developed an important extension to the existing Fresh.Point residue monitoring platform. The new add-on, called Fresh.Point Analytics, offers users the option to view residue data from every conceivable angle and discover new opportunities in reducing risks and saving costs. The new add-on will be featured at the upcoming Fruit Logistica event on 4, 5, 6 February in Berlin.

Fresh.Point residue monitoring platform

Fresh.Point is a collaborative monitoring platform for wholesalers and international traders in the European fruit and vegetable sector. It connects traders with food laboratories and supports the workflow of assigning, reporting and analysing product tests. It was developed in cooperation with a consortium of international traders and wholesalers in the European fruit and vegetable sector, including Univeg, Gemüsering and Andretta to improve the process of assigning and managing product samples at relevant food laboratories. Some recent new users of Fresh.Point are Capespan Continent NV and Cobana Fruchtring. At present already 400 users are using the Fresh.Point system to manage their sampling processes.

Sharing anonymised data on residue monitoring

By sharing this online infrastructure and functionality, and by sharing knowledge on, for example, residue monitoring and anonymised data, cooperating traders increase process and information quality, whilst reducing costs at the same time.

Analysis and analytics in residue monitoring

Fresh.Point comes built in with automatic analysis functionality, which, for example, allows traders to monitor suppliers, regions of origin, or the occurrences of specific residues over a period of time. The latest addition to Fresh.Point is an add-on module called Fresh.Point Analytics that enables managers – even without any data mining expertise – to view the data from every conceivable angle and discover new opportunities.



Screenshot Fresh.Point Analytics

More information? 

For more information on Fresh.Point and Analytics, we created an expanded information package.
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