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April 20, 2017
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ChainPoint at Better Cotton Initiative Conference 2017

Sustainable cotton field - ChainPoint

From 16-18 May, ChainPoint will be present at the Better Cotton Initiative conference in Berlin. The Better Cotton Initiative (BCI) is aimed at creating a more sustainable production of cotton, making sustainable cotton mainstream and connecting members and stakeholders who are active in cotton supply chains. Over a period of 3 days, around 300 attendees will discuss how to further improve the production and market adoption of better cotton.

In order to support their sustainable cotton efforts, BCI relies on the Better Cotton Tracer, a software platform built on ChainPoint technology.

Chain of custody models

An important aid in ensuring sustainability at BCI is traceability; being able to trace better cotton back to its source. To further expand the knowledge and understanding of chain of custody models, a panel discussion will be organized to explore the cost and credibility implications of three different chain of custody models in the textile supply chain, namely physical traceability, book & claim and mass balance.

One of the panellists will be Alexander Ellebrecht from ChainPoint. In the break-out session “Chain of Custody Impacts on Production & Logistics Supply Chains”, he will detail the Book & Claim Chain of Custody model. Patrick Mallet (Director Innovations at ISEAL), Leon Picon (Cotton Purchasing Director at Orta Anadolu) and Marco Bänninger (Head Trader Hand Picked Cotton at Paul Reinhart AG) are the other panellists.


Chain of custody models provide frameworks to implement traceability, giving guidance on how detailed and granular the traceability implementation should be. Supply chains often incorporate multiple chain of custody models in various stages of the supply chain. Keeping track of all transactions in the supply chain between thousands of suppliers generates massive amounts of data that need to be stored and analysed. ChainPoint provides innovative software that lets companies manage and store data from multiple tiers of their supply chains, turning this into actionable information to stay on top of sustainability and CSR challenges. Contact us to learn more.