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ChainPoint present at the 2015 Textile Exchange Sustainability Conference in Mumbai, India.
September 28, 2015
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ChainPoint present at Open Agrifood in Orléans
November 11, 2015

ChainPoint at Sustainable Brands London 2015

Sustainable brands London 2015 - ChainPoint

sb-home-sb15london-400x200ChainPoint will be present at the Sustainable Brands event in London on 16-18 November, an event aimed at promoting inspiration, tools and partnerships to drive sustainable business success. It is also an opportunity for sustainability professionals to discover the possibilities of software solutions, such as ChainPoint, which they can use to improve the sustainability of their whole supply chain.

As recently demonstrated in our Data Management in Sustainable Supply Chains webinar, more and more brand owners are moving towards taking control of their entire supply chain. By using specialized software to integrate data across the whole supply chain, brand owners are more empowered to ensure future supplies, reduce risks, improve supply chain resilience and safeguard their brand against damaging claims.

In order to take control of the whole supply chain, from farmer all the way downstream to consumer, there is an increasing demand for solutions to efficiently collect data along supply chains, allowing companies to make better decisions about their sustainability practices. That is why ChainPoint is already used in countless supply chains, across a whole range of commodities.

Meet us at Sustainable Brands 2015

We are looking forward to meeting you at SB15. Dr. Alexander Ellebrecht (a.ellebrecht@chainpoint.com) will be present at SB15 and will be happy to discuss any questions or plans you have for creating more sustainable supply chains.

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