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How technology can be harnessed to manage supply chain risks
February 16, 2017
Rainforest Alliance Cocoa farmer - ChainPoint
The Rainforest Alliance selects ChainPoint as central data collection platform in sustainable supply chains
March 23, 2017

ChainPoint at the 2017 Chocoa Conference in Amsterdam

Cocoa traceability to stop child slavery - ChainPoint

On Friday 24 February, ChainPoint will attend the CHOCOA Conference in Amsterdam. Over 200 attendees will discuss how to achieve sustainable cocoa production with respect to people and planet. The keywords of the CHOCOA 2017 Conference are INTEGRITY and TRANSPARENCY, both very applicable to the ChainPoint platform that ensures that supply chains are transparent and all information is available to make responsible and informed decisions.

Sustainable Cocoa Supply Chains

ChainPoint has experience in many commodities, including cocoa. Both the Rainforest Alliance and Tony’s Chocolonely use the ChainPoint platform to manage and monitor their cocoa supply chains. Cocoa is one of the commodities that has numerous issues, both environmental and social. For example, illegal plantations result in deforestation and loss of wildlife habitat. Growing and harvesting cocoa often involves child labour, or worse, child slavery. Improper use of pesticides damages the environment and the health of farmers and children working the plantations. In order to solve these issues, collaboration and accountability in the supply chain is needed.

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