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Chainfood changes its name to ChainPoint

ChainPoint Logo - ChainPoint

Drukwerk18 September 2014 – Chainfood has changed its name to ChainPoint. Johan Zandbergen, CEO of ChainPoint: “Since our inception in 2003 we’ve made it our mission to improve supply chain collaboration in order to increase quality and sustainability, whilst reducing risk and cost. We have done this by building and implementing innovative software solutions which lead to more effective production and supply chains.

Today, our platform is one of the leading solutions for supply chain collaboration in the feed and food industry. Over the last years, however, our software platform and the skills of our employees have proved equally valuable to organizations in other markets. We have found similar challenges and developments around auditing & certification, traceability, transparency, supply chain analytics and supplier assessment in a variety of chains including cotton and wood.

To reflect our focus on a broader market, we have decided to use the name ChainPoint for our organization as well as our product. In coming to this decision we have also taken the international growth of our organization into account, which we believe will offer clear advantages to many of our existing customers too.

With a new name comes a new logo, as well as a new slogan: ‘Connecting Supply Chains’, to make them more powerful, sustainable and competitive, which is precisely what ChainPoint does. We have taken this opportunity to develop a new, fresh, simple yet powerful corporate image which we hope you will like.”