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November 20, 2013
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The Round Table on Responsible Soy (RTRS) is an international multi-stakeholder initiative founded in 2006 that promotes the use and growth of responsible production of soy. Members such as those from civil society (WWF, Solidaridad), producers and industry commit to a global standard for responsible production.

Together with stakeholders RTRS jointly develops global solutions leading to responsible soy production. Criteria for responsible soy production and use have been defined. To follow up these criteria, RTRS uses ChainPoint’s generic system for responsible sourcing and sustainability.
soy beans .The RTRS platform enables RTRS and certification bodies to manage audit and certification data for both producers and supply chain actors, such as crushers, processors, traders and retailers.

Based on the amount of certified soy, automated monitoring against overselling takes place.

The platform also facilitates trading of certified volumes from one supply chain actor to another. Actors at the end of the supply chain, such as feed producers, can contribute to responsible soy by claiming the purchased soy credits.

By using the ChainPoint platform, built on Microsoft technology, RTRS has been able to rapidly implement a soy ‘chain of custody’ system, supporting a wide variety of stakeholders. Because ChainPoint is a generic platform, used in over 100 sustainable supply chains such as cotton, palm oil and meat, a rapid implementation is possible. Moreover, the user group will benefit from all the developments that are made, to improve the sustainable sourcing of products.

By using Microsoft business intelligence (BI), RTRS has up to date insight into certified production volumes per period or country as well as trading information. Most information is published by RTRS on their website.

The round table initiative is a young initiative that has been growing rapidly during the last years. The scalability of the platform has been vital in facilitating this. Up to now, more than one million tons of sustainable soy has run through the platform.


Solution: Traceability System
Benefits: rapid implementation, flexibility in data and reports, scalability, supply chain visibility
Technology: Microsoft BI, Microsoft SQL database
Partner: ChainPoint