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January 10, 2016
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March 14, 2016

C&A Foundation: Traceability Technical Solutions for the Apparel Sector

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C&A Foundation: Traceability Technical Solutions for the Apparel Sector

Project_Summary_BSR_CandA_FoundationChainPoint recently participated in a project where we researched how traceability can be achieved in the textile & apparel industry. The project was initiated by the C&A Foundation, together with BSR, Cognizant and UN Global Compact. The aim of the project was to understand the functional and technical requirements of traceability in the textile & apparel industry, whilst also establishing a shortlist of traceability vendors that could address the requirements stipulated in the project.

ChainPoint was selected as one of five leading traceability solution providers to participate in the project, drawing upon our proven track record in the textile & apparel industry, with customers such as BCI, Fairtrade and, most recently, GoodWeave.

Improved traceability in the textile & apparel industry is seen as something increasingly desirable for both business and sustainability purposes, yet implementing traceability improvements still remains a challenge. Visibility and transparency across today’s global supply chains present a real opportunity to advance social and environmental practices, yet transparency can only achieved when all parts the chain are traceable. For some commodities, large parts of the chain remain opaque and difficult to trace back to the source. Add to that the ongoing challenge of verifying subcontracting, which is particularly prevalent in textile supply chains, and supply chain transparency becomes ever more critical, especially in terms of social and ethical compliance.

A two-page summary of the project is available for download here.